Band Equipment Rental

Band Package $249

– 2 JBL PRX 715 Speakers
– 16 Channel Mixer
– 3 Wired Microphones; Stands
– 2 Powered Monitors
– 1 DI Box
– 100′ 16×4 Snake

Ad On
+ $15 Mic / Stand
+ $30 Powered Monitor
+ $50 Battery Power
+ $7 DI Box
+ $50 for 18″ Sub

Behringer X32 $125

-Berhinger X32
-Road Case

Add DL32 100′ Digital 32×16 snake $50

This is a state of the art digital mixer with built in eq, compression, fx and more.  Great for studio or live band events.

Midas M32 $195

-Midas M32
-Road Case

Add DL32  100′ digital 32 x 16 snake $50

Add M32C $75 (This gives you the ability to split the signal from the DL32 snake to have a separate console for monitor world)

The M32 is the industry standard when it comes to digital mixers. It comes fully equipped with built-in eq, compression, fx and more.  Great for studio or live band events.

Premium Package $249

– 2 JBL SRX 835 Powered Speakers
– 6 Channel Mixer
– 1 Wired Mic
– 1 Aux Cable

Add On
+ $50-$150 Lighting
+ $100 for 2 Subwoofers

This high powered 4000 Watt system is great for outdoor settings and large groups of guests 200-500 or more.

Venue Package $499

Venue Package

-2 JBL SRX 835 Powered Speakers
-2 JBL SRX 828 Dual 18″ Powered Subs

These speakers have 8000 watts of next level sound!

Basic Package $99

– 2 JBL EON 610 Speakers
– 2 Speaker Stands
– 1 Wired Microphone
– 1 Aux Cable

Add On
+ $50 Basic Lighting
+ $50 for Subwoofer
+ $29 Wireless Mic
+ $25 for 4CH Mixer

Plug your phone / laptop into this system and also use a wired mic for smaller settings. Great for meetings, weddings, background music and more. So easy you could set it up yourself!

JBL Dual 18″ Subs $149

JBL Dual Speaker

-1 JBL SRX 828 Dual 18″ Powered Sub

This speaker has 2000 watts of crystal clear sound.

Looking for high-quality band equipment to rent in the local Kansas City area? At Audio Rent KC, we have put together several fantastic band equipment rental packages to accommodate local Kansas City bands and musicians who are in need of audio equipment for their next gig. We have everything to rent from our basic package of quality speakers and microphone with laptop cord to our fantastic Presonus audio mixer to our signature band package consisting of monitors, speakers, channel mixer, microphone, and more.

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